Best Skin Care Tips For Aging Black Skin

Best Skin Care Tips For Aging Black Skin | Buttah Skin by Dorion Renaud |  Black Owned Skincare

We’ve all heard the phrase “Black Don’t Crack.” While we generally agree with this, it’s more appropriate to add a footnote to the statement that reads “Black Won’t Crack (if you take care of it).” Melanin rich skin has different needs as it gains more experience.

In your 20s, you probably hated that your skin would become oily minutes after having washed your face. Now, you may find that your skin feels tight and dry when you wake up in the morning. We’ve compiled a list of the top 3 best skincare tips and products for aging African American skin to ensure you continue to age backwards.  



As you age, the oil producing glands that kept you oily in your teens, 20s, and 30s start to retire early and don’t produce the amount of oil they used to. Many facial cleansers on the market can over cleanse your skin, stripping away the skin’s natural lipid barrier and natural oils. Those natural oils are nature's way of making sure your Black doesn’t crack.




A gentle but cleansing face wash will help clean the skin but keep those natural oils in place. You’ve probably been cleansing with a face wash that leaves your skin squeaky clean. Do yourself a favor and toss it in the trash. You don’t need a squeaky clean feeling on your face after you’ve cleansed. Overcleansing will cause your skin to constantly look and feel dry.  

Keep your skin naturally in balance with the Buttah Skin Gentle Face Wash. You’ll notice that your skin will look and feel less dry and irritated.



Vitamin C serums work wonders on our skin. Serums are like a shot of healing nutrients and antioxidants for the skin. If you suffer from dry, dull skin then you need this.




A potent dose of vitamin c and hyaluronic acid are like the Peaches and Herb of skincare. The vitamin c works to exfoliate dry, dead, and dull cells off the top layer of your skin, and reduces the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid delivers a tall drink of water to your more than likely dehydrated skin. The combination of these ingredients in Buttah Skin's Vitamin C Serum will help to rewind the clock. You may find yourself getting carded again (wink). 






 After you wash your face and apply a skin brightening Vitamin C serum, you need to seal in the hydration with a heavier moisturizer. As you age, your skincare needs a bit of extra to help keep the moisture in. Extra doesn’t have to mean a fancy moisturizer with ingredients you can’t pronounce. We like to keep it simple with Shea butter. It’s made from a single ingredient and sourced directly from Ghana. 



Some of our favorite celebrities over 50 like the beautiful Angela Bassett and our dynamic First Lady — Michelle Obama — credit their well preserved skin to exercise. It helps to improve blood circulation which makes sure that essential nutrients and vitamins are flowing to our skin, hair and nails. Just 30 minutes per day is all you need. Call up your girlfriend and catch up on a walk. 



Buttah’s Complete Skin Kit takes the guesswork out of skincare. Our line was formulated exclusively for melanin rich skin tones of all shades and ages.



Get 20% off your first Complete Buttah Skin Care Kit when you purchase today with code SkinTips20. That’s $11.99 off your first order. Plus, it ships for free. 





 Best Skincare for Mature Darker Skintones

No More Dryness

“I’ve used the product for a few weeks now. I’m currently menopausal and my skin has changed. Since using Buttah, I have a nice glow and no more dryness.” ~Romonia M.

Skin Never Looked Better

“Love the product! I'm 61 years old [and my] skin never looked better” ~Darene W.

Best Skincare without Makeup 

More Confident Without Makeup

“I use this every day!! My skin hasn’t looked this great in years!! I feel so much more confident going without makeup now!” ~Andrea I.


Gives Skin A Glow

“Awesome product! Very easy to follow and my skin feels so soft and hydrated. I do it twice a day in the morning and before bed. No complaints and it gives [my skin] that extra glow.” ~Diandra B. 


Dorion Renaud Buttah Skin CEO 


Buttah Skin was founded by model and actor - Dorion Renaud - after years of dealing with acne and hyperpigmentation. Growing up in Beaumont, Texas he didn’t hear or see conversations about his skin care concerns. He is passionate about delivering quality personal care products to the Black community.

Founder - Dorion Renaud

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Bernadette Brown January 5 2021

Is the brush suitable for mature skin?
Also the Rose water? And mask.

Frances January 5 2021

Do you have a scrub? How about a dark spot solution? My son needs bar soap

LaShonda Dukes January 5 2021

I have looked for products for my skin becoming a produce junkie. I was a little hesitant because I thought this product was just for darker skin. Being light skinned of mixed race I didnt feel like it would work but my skin has not looked better. I’m glad I tried it.

Diana Hamilton January 5 2021

Thank you 🙏 for the information the was very useful for this 61 yr. old who takes pride in her hair and skin, also “Happy Holidays “…🙏😷😘💋🎉🎊🌹

Linda Hussey January 5 2021

Do you have something to lift and tighten the face

Dionna Gipson January 5 2021

Love the products. Leaves my skin looking and feeling fabulous.

Harolyn MInix January 5 2021

I just received my buttah yesterday and wanted to know is it ok to use twice daily, morning and night?

Harolyn MInix January 5 2021

I just received my buttah yesterday and wanted to know is it ok to use twice daily, morning and night?

Annette Fedd January 5 2021

I’m loving my kit. Skin feels wonderful. 😊

Trina January 5 2021

Hyperpigmenrtaion on cheeks hate it 55 yes old

Priscilla Jackson January 5 2021

I have extra oily skin I wake up in the morning oily but I have those dark patches on my cheeks and have tried everything. Will this work for me

Angela Avery January 5 2021

I’m 66 yrs young and l love it. The glow is phenomenal.

Stephanie Carey January 5 2021

help me understand the…under the eye bags.

Stephanie Carey January 5 2021

help me understand the…under the eye bags.

Delores Broughton January 5 2021

I was looking at you all skin line facial buttah,and will it proceed to do its work to my Beautiful red skin.I Surely hope so .good day fellas.

Linda Robins January 5 2021

Can you give any advice to get rid of dark circle for black women to use in your product

Terrie Davis January 5 2021

I been using Buttah products for weeks skin look and feel so beautiful. I love the skin I’m in even more now.I will continue to use Buttah products. Thank you for sharing this product with the world.

Toni Willard January 5 2021

Hello There!
I was about to purchase my regular skin care product when I started to see your ads on various sites. I decided to actually open up your website and read it. What was mentioned got me to thinking about my own skin. I’ve always taken care of my skin. But lately I noticed imperfections. So, I started researching mostly with the skin care products I’m currently using. Trying to find a product specifically for aging skin. I wasn’t too pleased with what I saw. Then I came across your ad, perfect timing! I will be celebrating my 66th birthday in October. I am very pleased with the Skin-transforming kit. This is the best way to start a new regiment. I must say I was a bit nervous about breaking out. When I find something that works for me I stick with it. There is a difference in my skin. I’m seeing the radiance and suppleness coming back. It hasn’t been a week yet. I started 9-12-2020. Now, I will be working on my husband!
Thank you. This was right on time.


Terrie Davis January 5 2021

I love your Buttahskin products. I’ve only used your products for a short time. I love the results. I love the way my skin look and feel. I just ordered more, and it’s in route. Can’t wait to use it again. Thank you❤️

Clara ThorntonBullock January 5 2021

I’m allergic to vitaminC. How else can I use this? Also do you have a skin care cream for people with eczema

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