Top 5 Tips: How to Have Flawless Skin in 2020

Top 5 Tips: How to Have Flawless Skin in 2020 | Buttah Skin by Dorion Renaud |  Black Owned Skincare

A new decade is well underway, and establishing a good skin care routine can help keep melanin-rich skin bright, clear and glowing throughout 2020 and beyond!

For those of us with a darker complexion, keep these beauty 5 tips in mind to keep your skin glowing all year long…

1. Moisturize & Cleanse daily Moisturizing should be an essential part of your skincare routine. Dark skin is notoriously dry and can lose its moisture much quicker than light skin. Use a gentle non-comedogenic to assure you are not blocking your pores. Buttah Skin’s Cleanser gently lifts away dirt, oil, debris and radiance-dulling surface cells for smoother, brighter, healthy skin.

2. Protect Aging with Sunscreen Although the extra melanin in your dark skin protects you (to some extent) from sunburn and, subsequently, skin cancer, the Skin Cancer Foundation notes that those with dark skin are even more susceptible to the deadliest form of skin cancer, malignant melanoma. It's important that you incorporate sunscreen as part of your skincare regimen, even if you never seem to get sunburnt. Don’t assume that because you have dark skin, you're protected from sun damage.

3. Lighten Dark Spots & Hydrate with Vitamin C Serum Darker skin tones are more prone to experiencing skin discolorations, such as dark spots. Although fighting these dark spots can take time, it is possible! A good Vitamin C Serum is a MUST for helping with this. Buttah’s Vitamin C Serum (also known as ‘magic in a bottle’) revitalizes the skin and targets dark spots and hyperpigmentation, resulting in a smoother, more radiant complexion.

4. Fight Ashiness with Shea Butter There’s no excuse for ashiness! Use a rich, shea butter-infused cream to hydrate dry skin. Keep your skin smooth and soft while retaining your radiant look throughout the day. Try Buttah Skin’s Shea Butter to smooth, soothe, nourish your skin while protecting it from environmental assault and inflammation.

5. Application Matters How you apply your products is almost as important as the products themselves. After all, if they aren’t distributed correctly, they can’t properly function and deliver the results you seek. To ensure that this happens every time, make sure you read the instructions for your skincare products before applying. Buttah’s daily treatment absorbs deeply for instant radiance from the very first use.

Uncover your best skin with our trio of products designed to cleanse, exfoliate, protect and moisturize daily. Buttah’s complete collection including our debris-dissolving Skin Cleanser, skin-transforming Vitamin C Serum and rich, moisture-infused, Facial Shea Butter.

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Darrington Moore January 23 2020

I just ordered the kit and the body butter. I can not wait to start using these products.

Jeannette January 23 2020

Can this product help breakout from acme and also help out the darkness under your eyes

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