Want glowing skin? Stop doing these 4 things today.

Want glowing skin? Stop doing these 4 things today. | Buttah Skin by Dorion Renaud |  Black Owned Skincare

Having a consistent routine to care for your skin is a good thing, but you may be doing things that are sabotaging your efforts to look your best. To have and keep vibrant, glowing, melanin-rich skin, here are four things you should stop doing now, and what you should do instead.

1. Taking hot showers.

Hot, steamy showers tend to strip oils from skin, and those oils are an important moisture barrier. To turn up your glow, turn down the heat of your water when you shower. Right after you take a shower is the perfect time to Buttah up! Apply Buttah Skin’s Whipped Body Butter to give your skin a helping hand in maintaining moisture. It’s formulated with 100% pure Organic Virgin Shea Butter imported from Africa and perfected using our proprietary whipping technique. Rich on vitamins, read more here. 

2. Washing your face with soap.

It’s 2020…do we really have to tell people not to use soap to wash their face? Apparently, we do. Surfactants are the ingredient in soaps that cleanse, but they also remove beneficial oils along with the dirt. While that may work fine for hands, facial skin tends to be more sensitive. Using regular soap on the face will leave it feeling tight and dry because the moisture is removed. Buttah Skin’s Cleanser helps maintain natural pH, oil and moisture balance that melanin-rich skin needs most, making it an ideal alternative to soap. 

3. Aggressive exfoliation.

Using too much force or too-abrasive tools will leave skin raw, irritated, and unprotected. According to Healthline, gentle exfoliation no more than twice a week removes dead skin cells and encourages skin turnover, resulting in brighter skin. Any time you exfoliate, follow with a moisturizer, like Buttah Skin’s Facial Shea Butter. This highly effective ingredient is a very popular one within the cosmetic industry due to the emollient properties. It helps improve skin elasticity, and deeply hydrates and soothes even the driest skin. 

4. Avoid caffeinated drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Caffeinated drinks don’t hydrate, and hydration is essential to healthy skin. Instead of coffee, tea, an energy drink, or even your favorite adult libation, reach for water more often for inside-out benefits. Gabrielle Union — who definitely has a glow — loves water. She told Marie Claire, “I try to drink a gallon of water a day, and I try to get in 32 ounces with breakfast.” And another glowing goddess, Beyoncé, echoes that approach: “I try to take care of myself, drinking at least a gallon of water with lemon a day.”


With more awareness of what promotes healthy skin, and some high quality Buttah Skin products at your side, you’ll get closer to the glowing, melanin-rich skin you’re seeking. Shop Buttah Skin Kit Cleanser Shea Butter Vitamin C Serum

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Mitchell January 5 2021

I’ve been doing the “Four things you should stop doing” since I was a teenager.

At sixty, I’m often told I look no older than forty, why should I change my skin care routine?

Victoria January 5 2021

As I age, I know that it is important to have a skin care routine, but I couldn’t find anything. A lot of times we think the product must tingle, or tighten the skin to let us know it is working, but when I read reviews, I decided to give Buttah a try. The cleansing wash is light and doesn’t leave a residue, just a fresh feeling. The Vitamin C serum and the Shea butter moisturizer gave me the “Glow-up” I was looking for. I’m also glad that i’m supporting a black owned business. I’m in the forefront of a lot of meetings and I collaborate with many people on a daily base. Having a skin care routine that allows me to be look and feel my best is very important and Buttah has done that for me. I’m so excited about my continued skin journey. I would love to have the shea body lotion in a larger jar to smooth over my entire body. Thanks Dorion.

Ebony Morgan January 5 2021

I want to use ur products but I try everything u see sun and I continue to get deep whiteheads blackheads and dark makes ya hat leaves my skin looking ugly and I’m a picker I need help ASAP

Brenda Anderson Kirkland January 5 2021

Is it possible I can purchase just the face wash.I still have some of the other products left from my last order.

Cheryl Daniel January 5 2021

I have eczema would this be good to use with my skin condition . I would love to try it. I have little bit of blotches on my legs and would love to get rid of them.

Sonia oxendine January 5 2021

Do you have an product for dark circles and bags under eyes.

Cecilia Mahdi January 5 2021

Is Buttah Skin products good for all skin types such as dark skinned, medium skinned, etc., and colors?

Mariam January 5 2021

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Arelette Coates January 5 2021

Just want to know more about your product

Toye Campbell January 5 2021

I have dark spots on my skin from plucking hairs and from the water I use I’m from Flint, Michigan where there is still lead in the water and in our bodies. Will your product help my skin. Can i use this on legs and arms also. Thank you

Eleanor January 5 2021

How much does it cost and does it really work does buttah have a product to get rid of dark under eye circles

Yvonne Evans January 5 2021

Thank you for the knowledge I will be drinking plenty of water starting today

Erica Cook March 16 2020

Is buttah good for all skin types and colors?

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