Maintain a consistent routine

The best place to start is with maintaining a consistent routine. Begin with our holy grail: gentle face cleanser and vibrating exfoliating brush.

The vibe brush sloughs off dead skin cells while the cleanser gently cleanses without drying or irritating skin.

Boost Your Vitamin C

A high-quality Vitamin C serum is among the best products for dark spots when it comes to melanin-rich skin.

Buttah’s powerful Vitamin C serum features Hyaluronic Acid. Vitamin C helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots and gently exfoliates the skin, while Hyaluronic acid keeps the skin plump and hydrated. All skin needs moisture. Dry, aggravated skin won’t be able to heal itself.

Seal & Protect

Last, you’ll seal the moisture in. Formulated from West African Shea Butter, Buttah’s CocoShea Cream nourishes, soothes, and protects without clogging pores. Shea Butter contains natural ingredients to help protect skin from the harmful oxidants which can make your dark spots worse.

Products That Help To Reduce Appearance of Dark Spots & Hyperpigmentation

If you haven’t already started a skin care regimen, now is the perfect time. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the options, we’ve got you covered.

Our Customizable Skincare Kit will put you on the right track to get that beautiful even glow.