The Buttah Skin transforming kit is
clinically proven to improve the
appearance of skin brightness and skin tone evenness in melanin rich skin.

The Independent Study
A third-party testing laboratory evaluated thirty six men and women who used the Buttah Skin transforming kit* daily over a four week period. Mixed ethnicities ranging in ages from 30 to 55 with uneven skin tone and Fitzpatrick skin type IV-VI were included. Improvements in the skin were considered at two weeks and four weeks, measured by statistical analysis of clinical visual assessment and a self perception questionnaire.

A Clinical Study exclusively
testing melanin rich skin

Fitzpatrick Skin Type of Mixed Ethnicity and Race


Percentage of Participants showing Significant improvement*

Clinical Evaluation measured the improvement of skin tone evenness by expert visual grader

*Based on the scoring scale of 0-9 for Skin Tone (where 0 = even tone and 9 = uneven tone) subjects had a mean baseline score of 5.14, translating to moderately uneven skin tone. After 2 weeks and 4 weeks of use subjects had mean scores of 4.69 and 4.11, respectively showing a significant decrease in skin tone unevenness.

Percentage of Participants showing improvement*

Clinician visual assessment in the improvement of skin brightness/luminosity

*Based on the Brightness/Luminosity scoring scale of 0-9 (where 0 = total brightness, translucent appearance and 9 = total skin dullness) subjects had a baseline score of 6.19 translating to moderately dull appearance). After 2 weeks and 4 weeks of use subjects had a mean scores of 4.56 and 3 .56 respectively showing significant improvement in skin brightness/luminosity.


Testing shows that the regimen improves the appearance of skin brightness and skin tone evenness in melanin rich skin. Participants who completed the four week study reported a variety of positive results in how their skin looked and felt*.


• Felt their skin looked and felt smoother.


• Felt their skin looked more nourished and healthy looking.
• Noted an improvement of skin tone.


• Stated an improvement of the overall quality of their skin.
• Reported their skin looked more radiant after using the kit.


• Reported their skin appeared brighter.
• Would recommend the Kit to a friend or family member.


• Of subjects felt their skin had more of a glow.
• Reported seeing an improvement in the appearance of their dark spots.
• Stated that their skin felt more moisturized after using the kit.

*Results of the Self Perception 4 Week Questionnaire indicate that subjects felt highly favorable towards the above statements at the indicated timepoint ( ≥80% is considered highly favorable).


In a Four week independent study exclusively for melanin rich skin, 100% of the participants presented marked improvement of skin brightness and luminosity. Over 80% experienced significant improvement in their skin tone and 9 out of 10 men and women would recommend Buttah Skin Transforming Kit to their friends and family.