15 Travel Beauty Products from Black-Owned Brands

15 Travel Beauty Products from Black-Owned Brands

For too long, beauty products have catered primarily to those with European features, and ignored the specific needs of those with natural hair and darker skin tones. And it gets harder to find specific products when you further narrow the pool to travel-sized items.

Great beauty essentials for all travelers do exist—if you know where to look. Black-owned brands like Black Girl Sunscreen and Range Beauty make sunscreens, serums, and beard oil for various skin and hair types. They also have concealers in inclusive shades that suit a range of skin tones. The best way to ensure that there are more of these much-needed products? By supporting and buying from the Black-owned brands making them. And yes, these products work equally well on Black and non-Black skin and hair.

Read on for the Black-owned beauty brands we love—and the TSA-friendly products worth packing on your next trip.


Buttah Skin

“No one I knew with melanin-rich skin ever talked about skincare or addressed my skin concerns,” says Buttah Skin founder Dorian Renaud. So, he created the products that his skin craved, with ingredients like creamy shea butter, imported from Africa, and vitamins A and E. The vitamin C serum is a favorite, with antioxidants like green tea and grapeseed to fight wrinkles, blemishes, and pigmentation issues. The daily gel cleanser, with calming lavender, is great for soothing tired skin after a long flight or drive.

Buy now: Cleanser, $15, buttahskin.com
Buy now: Vitamin C Serum, $39, buttahskin.com


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