TRIED IT: Buttah Skin Products Gave My Dull Skin A Natural Glow

TRIED IT: Buttah Skin Products Gave My Dull Skin A Natural Glow

My skin and I have not been getting along since this whole COVID-19 situation, especially with the stress of everything happening within the Black community. My T-Zone and chin area have been extremely sensitive with the lack of Vitamin D from going outside and living my best life, personal and professional stress factors and insufficient amounts of sleep. That’s why when I received my Buttah Skin care package, I was excited to try the simple three-step process on my desperate skin.

I’ve heard raving reviews about Dorian Renaud’s Buttah Skin, which was created and “designed for melanin rich skin” – a.k.a our Black kings and queens such as myself. Typically, my skincare routine consists of an exfoliating face wash – either Biore Charcoal Pore Unclogging Scrub or St. Ives Apricot Scrub – a few spritzes of rose water, the occasional Revilalift serum from L’Oreal, and a light moisturizer because my face is naturally oily. While a bit nervous about trying some new products, I had a good feeling about this one because I had never tried something that was specifically made with our people in mind.

After taking my shower, I stepped in front of my mirror to use my Buttah Complete Skin Kit. First up was the Buttah Skin Cleanser, which is said to gently lift away any ickiness from my skin to make it smoother, brighter and healthier. The face wash was more liquidated than I’m used to because I’m used to thick facial scrub. When putting the wash onto my face, it was light and created a subtle lather on my face. I washed the cleanser into my face for about 60 seconds before rinsing with warm water and patting dry with a washcloth.

Next up was the Vitamin C Serum, which I accidentally got into my eye because I underestimated how much would come out. Again, I’m used to thick products so this serum was more thin and water-based than other serums I had used before. I applied the serum onto each quadrant of my face (cheeks, T-Zone and chin) and rubbed it into my face. It smelled like lemons, but not like fresh lemons. Moreso like the lemon cookies that Girl Scouts sell. It was sweet and citrus-like, but not too overbearing to the point where it took away from the quality of the product.



The Facial Shea Butter was the final step in the easy-to-follow three-step process. I opened the small jar to reveal a thick, ecru-colored product. This wasn’t whipped butter as I had expected, but it was a rich, thick substance that was equivalent to that of the natural shea butter I have at my house. I placed a fingertip-sized amount into the palm of my hands and worked the facial shea butter throughout my face, which left it moisturized and glowing without feeling too heavy or shiny.

I appreciate the natural sun-kissed glow that Buttah Skin gives me after a shower and I don’t feel like much else is needed on my face afterwards. Sometimes, I wash my face twice a day, but with these products, I think I’ve found the perfect way to minimize my skincare routine. Bonus: this product was created by a Black man, so I know that my Black dollars are being placed in the hands of a man who earned it.


By D'Shonda Brown for Hello Beautiful

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