We tried a skincare brand recommended by Beyonce and here's what happened

We tried a skincare brand recommended by Beyonce and here's what happened


When Queen Bey drops an index of credible skincare brands, you better *add to cart* and that's what happened. Buttah Skin is one of the amazing black-owned skincare brands that Beyonce recommended and we couldn't help but try out this brand and see why they made it to the queen's list.

We decided to have a fourteen-day challenge using only products from Buttah Skin and see what the fuss was all about. During this "challenge", we used the Buttah Skin skin-transforming kit, which contained the CocoShea Cream, the debris-dissolving gentle skin Cleanser and skin-transforming Vitamin C Serum, and also the Buttah Vibe Brush, we are utterly impressed! 

Here's what two Cosmo gals had to say about this powerhouse formula.


Ok, so I’m going to start by holding my hands up: I don’t really know anything about skincare. I’m a cleanse, tone and moisturise kinda girl (on a good day) and I get confused at the mention of an acid. So when I opened this Buttah Skincare set and actually understood everything and what it did, I was super excited as I can find a lot of skincare a little jargon-y and overwhelming.

My skin is combination and I often find my oily T-zone creeping in around 2pm and yet have dry cheeks. Since using these products my main flex is that I have seen a much more even skin tone and texture. I rarely head to work without at least a little make-up, but this week I’ve gone bare-faced all week!

The battery powered-face brush is easily the favourite thing in my bathroom at the minute (sorry, Clinique Supersonic) and it makes my skin feel clean, but not stripped-of-all-its-parts clean. Despite my lack of skincare routine, I do love a mask – I think it’s the once a week noncommittal for me, and this Buttah one was new level! The second it went on my skin I felt it working some new level magic, and after cleansing, I really felt like my skin had a glow which actually lasted.

Would I recommend to a friend? I would recommend it to EVERYONE! In only a few products (charcoal mask, cleanser, Vitamin C serum and moisturiser) Buttah Skincare has given my skin a glow which it has never had, and I can still do my skincare routine in 10 minutes!




As you know, aesthetics is life, so I love it when my skincare tools don't just meet my skin needs but also match my aesthetics, and the first thing I noticed about the Buttah packaging is that it does both, esp the Buttah face cleanse brush.

The shape and large size of the device make for an easier cleanse compared to smaller devices which can’t cover as much surface area at once, plus the bristles are firm enough to ensure deep cleansing with zero effort on your part.

The Buttah magic serum that is Vitamin C oil is the other thing that totally wowed me in the kit. I often hear that Vitamin C is the crux of every anti-ageing skincare routine, so I was looking forward to trying out this product and expecting results, and the results I got! If you apply Vitamin C topically to your skin, then you know that it shouldn’t be exposed to light, and Buttah does such a great job at keeping the acid protected in a tinted bottle rather than a transparent one. 10/10 would definitely recommend this, now I see why Beyonce added this brand to her index. 



What. She. Said.

Buttah Skin skin-transforming kit, approx Dhs220 | Buttah Vibe Brush, approx Dhs150. Shop here


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