Welcome to our inaugural community newsletter, Better, where we hope to inspire, encourage and inform you how to live your best life through Buttah.

This month I’ve been reflecting on transformation and chose the theme The Great Reset because I know in some way, each of our lives have had to adjust to something completely new this year. For me it's been everything from my career, friendships, family dynamics, and even how I view myself. As a single man who lives alone, I thought this would be a time of home workouts, cooking, and binge watching in solitude. Instead, it has turned out to be one of the most self-reflective times of my life and it started with all of you. I asked myself, how can I encourage others to prioritize self-care and self-love if I didn’t create space for more of it in my own life. I had a desire to learn more about who Dorion was, in a period of constant and inevitable change and I encourage you to do the same with me. My self-discovery and self-care journey are ever evolving and I'm looking forward to embracing that journey with you and helping all of us become better with Buttah!

Better, where we hope to inspire, encourage and inform you how to live your best life through Buttah.


Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artist Christiana Cassell opens up our ‘Better with’ segment, sharing her story and how she’s been leading a better life during this time.

Hailing from the DMV, Christiana began her foray into the beauty world at the age of 16 when she enrolled in Cosmetology School. Moving to Los Angeles after college, she started working as a make-up artist for MAC cosmetics before making the transition into a full-time freelancer doing makeup for celebrity clients.

When asked how she’s been taking better care of herself during this time, Cassell says “throughout this time, I’ve had a few phases. In the beginning, I was super excited about spending time working on small at-home projects. Now, my focus has shifted to doing things daily that make me feel good, like self-care. Skincare has been more important than ever because I wear a protective mask all day when working. I love Buttah’s Charcoal Detox Mask. It unclogs my pores and pulls out all impurities in my skin. Another great way to flush out impurities and toxins is a good work out, so I’ve started doing High Intensity Training workouts outside.”

Christiana encourages others to “do whatever makes you happy during this time. There’s no right or wrong way.” She has developed a new morning routine which includes no phone first thing in the morning, spending the first 10 minutes of the day in peace and quiet, praying, self-reflection and creating a to-do list to help guide her day. What does resetting mean to her? It means, starting over, adjusting and making changes to improve to become better. “Grow through what you go through” she adds.


Ask Celeste, features Celebrity Medical Aesthetician Celeste Rodrigues. Based in Beverly Hills, Celeste has been in the skincare industry for over 10 years.

With a passion for helping people achieve their best skin through customized treatments and curated regimens, Celeste will be sharing tips and answering your skincare questions each month. For our first edition, Celeste details how to use our hero product the Vitamin C Serum. If you want your questions answered in upcoming newsletters, email us at

How to use the
Buttah Vitamin C Serum

Make sure to use your Vitamin C product after cleansing and toning and before your moisturizer, in your morning routine. Vitamin C helps to block free radical damage throughout the day. Free Radical damage consists of pollution, pesticides, UV light, smoke, among other damages that can contribute to pre-mature aging.


Friends and Family highlights other multi-cultural founders carving a path for themselves across industries. First up is Karli Henriquez, founder of Know Alias, a multicultural marketing agency that works to change how advertisers target the Latinx community.

Prior to launching her agency, Karli spent over a decade working in the corporate media space with the likes of MTV, iHeartRadio, Warner Brothers, Beats by Dre and more. As the media landscape began to shift, so did Karli. Noticing that she would spend a large portion of her work week with creative agency leads, attempting to identify the ideal product consumer while also engaging and filtering influencers that best complimented the products mission statement. Karli knew her colleagues respected and valued the insight she shared on the Latinx community and she’d become an advocate and educator for one of the most powerful consumer groups, the Latinx consumer.

Resetting is something Karli knows all too well, transitioning out of a high-profile corporate Director position to Entrepreneur. Karli says the beauty and power behind diversity inspired her to take a risk and launch her agency Know Alias. While navigating the entrepreneurial space Karli has learned the importance of prioritizing her self-care, understanding “I have to take care of myself before I can help anyone else.” While also promising herself that she “wouldn’t get comfortable” in this new space but consistently pursue learning something new every day.

Karli unwinds with the Buttah Charcoal Detox Mask.


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