NUMBER 2 | Celebrating HerStory


Dear Queens,
First of all, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting and uplifting my brand like only a woman can. Your continued love and encouragement has been a driving force behind the evolution of Buttah.

Throughout my life, my relationship with women has been very special, beginning with my mother Rhonda. A woman of beauty and grace, and a loving mother, there was a complexity to her that I often couldn’t understand. It was the dynamics of our relationship that encouraged me to lean deeper into my relationships with women.

My journey with women has always been a kinship that only me and my girls, and now you, understand. I’m inspired by everything about a woman, and the women in my life have helped me become a better man.

It’s the power, strength and vulnerability that I saw in women like Beyoncé, Naomi Campbell and Angela Bassett growing up that helped shape how I saw beauty. Being at the helm of a brand that empowers women of all types to feel better in the skin that they’re in has always been my goal.

This month, we are so honored to celebrate HERstory. We honor you, we celebrate you and we love you. As the saying goes, behind every strong man is a strong woman and my hope is to be the strong man and strong brand behind you!

I love you all. Dorion Renaud

The Women of Buttah

We spoke with the women behind Buttah to ask them how Buttah has changed the way they see beauty and what it’s like working for a brand that empowers women of all types.


How has Buttah changed the way you see beauty?

Buttah has changed the way I see beauty because for once we have a brand that celebrates all shades of melanin. I am finally able to see a reflection of myself in a brand and it inspires me. I love that Buttah highlights beauty in all forms and encourages people to love the skin they’re in.

What is it like working for a brand that empowers women of all types?

It’s amazing working for a brand that empowers women. I feel like my voice is heard and as a black woman that is really important to me. I love working with other beautiful, powerful, strong, creative women and I feel blessed to have a brand that supports us to be the best that we can be.


How has Buttah changed the way you see beauty?

It reinforces my personal ideas of beauty. Beauty to me is prioritizing self-care, creating impact and supporting your community and that is the foundation that Buttah was built upon.

What is it like working for a brand that empowers women of all types?

Rewarding, impactful and important. It’s fuel to continue doing that work that matters and makes a difference in people’s lives. Working alongside such a diverse group of women is so encouraging. We support each other, uplift one another and remind each other why we’re here.


How has Buttah changed the way you see beauty?

Buttah isn't just skin care, it's self-care. It's the idea of spending time and taking care of what I come with. Beauty is the ability to spend time getting to know who you are on the inside and out, and having the courage to show that person to the world.
Buttah allows me to have a daily routine that whispers, "take this time for you." I slow down every night because of my skin care regimen and every morning I'm reminded before I go into the world, to take complete care and remind myself that I'm beautiful and that my skin is glowing!

What is it like working for a brand that empowers women of all types?

Working with a brand that embodies and encourages inclusion of all women is the gratification I’ve searched for in my work for a long time. It has been such a pleasure to serve the women of the Buttah community, and to work with the wonderfully intelligent, and talented women on this team towards such a beautiful and comprehensive goal.


How has Buttah changed the way you see beauty?

It has amplified it. It gives me purpose. Being able to put my talent to help make a difference and help spread the Buttah love is big. Reading the reviews and seeing all the love people send us warms my heart.

What is it like working for a brand that empowers women of all types?

I love waking up in the morning and knowing that I get to share my day with talented, extraordinary, admirable women. We support each other and get to celebrate each other’s success. We all bring different perspectives to the table and we embrace that.


Our community asked and Celeste answered, how do you get rid of hyperpigmentation?

To combat hyper-pigmentation start by using products in your daily routine. You’ll want to use topicals like vitamin c, kojic acid, niacinamide, and vitamin A (like retinol). The Buttah Skin Vitamin C Serum is a great option as it contains vitamin C, ferulic acid, vitamin A and vitamin E. This combination helps to combat the pigmentation as well as forces your cells to turnover at a faster pace. Speaking of cellular turnover, exfoliation would be another great step.

Using something like the Buttah Vibe Brush helps to exfoliate your skin, allowing your performance products like the Vitamin C to penetrate the skin better. If your topicals don’t seem to be cutting it, reach out to a dermatologist or esthetician to help speed up the process with prescription strength topicals, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and even lasers in some cases. Make sure to always wear sunscreen as hyperpigmentation will always get darker with sun exposure and sunscreen also helps to minimize future hyperpigmentation damage. Want your skincare questions asked? Email us at

Buttah Luva’s

Highlighting the Buttah community, featuring users across social media. A way to start building the community by direct outreach and asking them:

Monjay Morgan, Store Manager at Amazon Fresh Ladeira Heights

Originally from Sacramento, California, Monjay Morgan moved to Los Angeles in 2008 to attend USC. Post-graduation and working in various management roles at Target, Monjay was poached by Amazon to work on a new business they were bringing to Los Angeles, Amazon Fresh. After cutting her teeth as the Assistant Store Manager at Amazon Fresh in Woodland Hills, she was promoted to Store Manager of Amazon Fresh in Ladera Heights.

As an essential worker, Monjay’s priority has been supporting her community and helping them navigate these challenging times. But, we know that you can’t take care of others well, without taking care of yourself first. We asked Monjay how she has been taking better care of herself during this time, which Buttah products she slows down with and what she’s learned about the importance of self-care over the past year.

Buttah: How have you been taking better care of yourself during this time? 

Monjay: In helping open a new business I put so much time and energy into investing into my team that I sometimes forget how important it is to invest in myself. I’ve learned that when my mind and my body is at its best I can be the best version of myself for others. I’ve gone back to working out 3-4 times a week and meal prepping to invest in my physical well-being. My night-time skincare routine has always been one of my favorite parts of the day and I will never skip it because of how invigorating it feels to take care of myself. I’ve also been drinking more water and trying to stay more spiritually connected during this time.


Buttah: Which Buttah products are you using to slow down? 

Monjay: My favorite Buttah Skin products are the Rosewater Toner and the CocoShea Revitalizing Cream. The rosewater toner helps to remove excess dirt after cleansing and makes my skin feel so refreshed. Not to mention it also smells amazing and minimizes my pores. The CocoShea Cream gives my skin that natural glow and extra pop when I apply my foundation! It’s super lightweight and leaves my skin feeling moisturized all day without getting oily.


Buttah: What has this past year taught you about self-care?

Monjay: I’ve learned that self-care is key to my well-being and I deserve to make time for the things that bring me joy. Even when it feels like I don’t have the time, I should always take the time to love on myself. I’ve learned the importance of stillness, rest, and reflection during this time. It’s so important to intentionally stay connected to the people I love the most and not get caught in my own bubble alone.

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