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5 Spring Skincare Tips For Darker Skin


Let’s face it, your skin may have survived one of the more brutal winters we’ve had in years, but it’s hardly immune to the effects that dullness, harsh winds and frigid temps may leave behind.

But with a new season comes new skin savers to help you out of that dull rut. ou may still be on the fence about switching things up as Spring approaches but you gotta do it! With warmer temps, longer days outside (we’re hoping!) and perspiration that lingers on the skin, there’s no better time to change things up along with your wardrobe.

We’ve rounded up 5 essential Spring skincare tips for darker skin 

1. Tone Up. If you’re hard-pressed to spot a game-changer in your daily skin routine, look no further than a revitalizing toner to help hydrate, balance and detoxify your skin. Not convinced? If the dullness of the winter has kept you from getting your glow on, incorporating  a toner this Spring can add a much needed layer of protection so your skin begins to thrive the way it was born to. Use as a prep before reaching for your daily moisturizer and you’ll be well on your way to healthier looking skin! 





2. Brighten and Treat. What tends to linger on darker skintones and melanin rich complexions long after the cold days have gone, are dark spots, blemishes and reminders of our days spent indoors. So while the sun comes out to shine this Spring, make sure you’re doing your part to glow. We’ll even let you in on a little secret. Getting your skin to a clear, even-looking complexion for those with a bit more melanin means you have to go that extra mile. And we get it, treating hyperpigmentation can feel daunting for brown-toned skin, but with the right game plan, like incorporating a brightening serum, you’re already on your way to making sure breakouts are a thing of the past!





3. Get A Deeper Cleanse Going. Don’t get it twisted, while the warmer temps mean that we’re forced to change-up our wardrobe, the basics of how we cleanse and moisturize our face remain the same. Sticking to a cleanser + cream duo that hydrates while cutting through surface debris is a must. While our skin fights dryness and perspire more during the warmer months, switching to a gentle cleanser that works effectively to wipe away dirt is the key to smooth skin. This Spring, take your time during your daily cleansing routine to slough away the day and invest in a powerhouse of products that will improve the overall texture of your skin.





4. Head to Toe Glow. While we’re shifting to new routines, let’s not forget skin care is a head-to-toe affair. As it turns out, pampering your skin doesn’t take as much effort as we may think. Spring is the perfect time to indulge and cherish the melanin that we’re in, and reaching for a calming body wash that effectively strips the day away while keeping your hydrating game in check is the best investment you can make.





5. Detox For Skin Wins . Already converted your home bathroom into a spa oasis? Kudos to you, you’re already ahead of the game! If you switched up your work from home situation but haven’t invested in an at-home detox routine for your skin, what are you waiting for? Long days in front of the computer (even during the warmer months) mean we have less time for those professional skin care treatments. Make your workday (and skin!) smoother this season by renewing your skin from the inside out and reach for a gentle detoxifying mask.



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