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Best Summer Skincare Tips For Darker Skin

It’s the season we’ve all been waiting for. Brighter days, humid temps, and outdoor activities are sure to leave us smiling. To best prep our skin for longer days in the sun and ash-free limbs that keep us pool-ready, it’s time to update your skin-care routine to suit the changing weather. Say goodbye to dull-looking skin, and invite your melanin to experience better summer days ahead.

Check out the best summer skincare tips for darker skin. 



To combat the overproduction of excess sebum and oils that tend to linger during those hot, sweaty months, reach for a light-weight moisturizer. Buttah’s Oil-free Hyaluronic Gel Cream was created with oil-prone skin in mind, yet it’s suitable for combination melanin-rich skin types as well.






A proper cleanser no matter the season is a no-brainer. But a gentle yet effective cleanser during the high-humid, sweat-prone days can be a game-changer. When the temps have reached their peak, a cleanser that removes the day’s impurities and grime from your skin is a must-have. Whether it’s in the dawn of morning, or the end of a long day, lift away unwanted oil and surface goop to reveal a brighter glow.






We love ourselves a multi-tasking skincare product and a must-have during the summer is an exfoliant that’s effective but gentle. Whether you’re on the go heading from brunch to a cookout with the fam, refresh with Buttah’s Rosewater Toner formulated to gently clean while balancing skin for an overall glowing complexion. Use in the a.m hours to wake up any lingering dullness, and add to your on-the-go bag for a mid-day refresh. 






Incorporating an SPF into your skincare routine has year-round benefits. Ensuring you apply (and reapply!) your SPF during the sweaty, warmer months is the best upgrade for all melanin types. With winter in the rearview, your skin may have more dry patches and hyperpigmentation. To help heal these spots, make sure to incorporate a high-quality SPF and pair it with Buttah's Vitamin C Serum formulated to reduce the appearance of dark marks and help skin look more radiant.






Negating the damage of sun exposure is crucial for your skin’s health. This weightless SPF formula boasts a high-protection protection against UVA & UVB rays and powerful ingredients help fight the appearance of dark spots.





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