Face Care Routine For Black Men Over 35 | Top 4 Products

Face Care Routine For Black Men Over 35 | Top 4 Products

Unc, it's time to upgrade your skincare routine. Just like a fine Kentucky bourbon, you're gettin' better with age. As you reach 35, your skin needs more love and attention than ever before. No matter your lifestyle, taking time for yourself should always be at the top of your priority list– that means caring for your face too! Taking proper care of your skin can help reduce wrinkles, dark spots, combat unwanted dryness or oiliness. Here are the 5 top products for men of color over 35.  



A great and gentle cleanser is essential to start the day right. We’re talking about letting go of the wash cloth and drug store cleanser you’ve used for years. As you age, you need products that gently cleanse but also keep your pores clean. A sonic vibrating brush paired with a gentle cleanser will get your skin and mind right. Nothing like a little facial massage to get your morning off to the right vibe.



That squeaky clean feeling after you wash your face is not exactly a good thing. That’s why you need a toner that will bring your skin back to the right pH level. We prefer one that has a star line up of ingredients like - rose water to soothe the skin and alpha hydroxy acids to improve the texture of your skin.




Eye creams and serums. Sure, you’d never thought you’d see the day when you’d need it. But trust us, if you want to preserve your skin as a man over 30, this is the secret product combination that celebrities and your lady has been using for YEARS. It keeps them looking youthful and dark spot free. This duo is so good at keeping dark spots and wrinkles at bay, you’ll wake up to better looking skin. Apply this serum to your face and neck, before you go to bed and the eye cream to your under eyes. Your lady will notice a difference.



Sunscreen is another product that we all sleep on. If you go outside, you need sunscreen. A great skincare routine without sunscreen is useless, because the sun can accelerate the visible signs aging (read: more dark spots and wrinkles). As a Bruthah with melanin, you need a sunscreen that goes on without a white cast.


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