The Top 5 Reasons You Need to Be Using Shea Butter for African American Skin

The Top 5 Reasons You Need to Be Using Shea Butter for African American Skin

Everyone loves good, radiant skin. African American skin contains more melanin compared to other skin types. Melanin-rich skin naturally helps in protecting the skin against damage from exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays and leaves the skin looking more youthful. However, dark skin is also prone to several issues, such as acne and hyperpigmentation. An excellent way to make your skin look healthy and radiant all year long is by applying Shea butter.

Shea butter is extracted from the nuts of the Shea-Karite tree, which can only be found in Africa. Also, Shea butter is known to contain unparalleled healing properties. In its natural state, it has a pleasant aroma. Hence, compared to other kinds of butter like cocoa butter, Shea butter is much more sought after. In this post, we will be taking a look at some of the benefits of Shea butter for African American skin:





Anti-Aging Properties: Make Your Skin Look Younger

One of the benefits of Shea butter is that it makes your skin appear younger. Shea butter contains a sufficient amount of Vitamin A, which is good for the skin. It eliminates wrinkles and makes your skin look firm. Also, Shea butter helps to boost the production of collagen which plays a role in strengthening skin.

Healing Properties

Shea butter can be applied to dark skin to heal scars, bruises, and burns. Also, skin blemishes often leave dark patches after causing skin redness. Such blemishes can destroy the evenness of the skin tone in African American skin. The healing properties of Shea butter can help prevent skin issues such as rashes, dermatitis, eczema, and athlete's foot.

Protect the Skin

Shea butter helps in protecting the skin. It contains natural substances like cinnamic acid. This is a natural sunscreen that helps to protect the skin against sunburn and UV rays. Furthermore, Shea butter can help minimize skin peeling, soothing sunburn and moisturizing your skin.






Prevent Skin Irritation

Shea butter can help in preventing skin irritation. Since it contains mostly natural substances, it is suitable for dark skin for both adults and children. Applying Shea butter can help relieve itching due to skin dryness. Also, it can stop scalp irritation that is caused by dryness or chemical processing such as dying or relaxers.

Reduce Stretch Marks

Finally, Shea butter can help reduce stretch marks on skin. Raw Shea butter is known to contain vitamin A. The vitamin A contents, in addition to the hydrating qualities and amazing healing properties of Shea butter, will help in reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scarring, particularly on darker skin.


There you have it! Above are some of the benefits of Shea butter on African American skin. Shea butter contains lots of natural substances that are good for the skin. From protecting the skin to preventing skin irritation, reducing stretch marks, anti-aging, and more, you can derive several benefits by including Shea butter application in your skincare routine. This remains one of the best ways to soothe skin conditions, eliminate blemishes, wrinkles, and make your skin look younger.

When purchasing Shea butter, it is essential to ensure that the Shea butter you are buying is organic, Grade A, raw, and unrefined. Buttah Skin is formulated with 100% pure Organic Virgin Shea Butter imported from Africa. and comes in two sizes - one for your face and one for your body. This rich moisturizer will soothe, smooth, nourish, and protect your skin. Purchase yours today here!



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