Dark Spot Skincare Routine For Black Men

Dark Spot Skincare Routine For Black Men

Oftentimes, the biggest blow for Black men when it comes to the quest for clear, smooth skin is the never-ending fight against dark spots. Caused mainly by things like inflammation, post-shave blemishes, and we hate to say it, but not having a solid skincare routine, the bottom line is black men don’t have to suffer. The fix? Start switching up a few products & techniques that are made with melanin skin in mind. So if you’re looking for a solid game plan to get rid of dark spots for black men and get that glow back, read on.



There’s no worse feeling than noticing yet another face bump finding its way to the surface, especially when you’ve mastered a solid shaving technique that’s praiseworthy. The truth is, black men are more prone to developing razor bumps caused by shaving and the overproduction of melanin. But if you’ve got the right products in your corner, it’s no sweat. To ensure stubborn hairs remain smooth and never trapped beneath the skin's surface, it’s time to bet on a scrub that cleanses, polishes, and exfoliates to help prevent blemishes and breakouts long before they start. Buttah’s Tea Tree and Aloe scrub fits the bill by multi-tasking as a mask, cleanser and scrub to deep clean and treat blemish-prone skin.







Your skincare routine should always be clear, simple, and straight to the point. So to make sure you’re not skipping out on all the good stuff your skin needs to stay free of dark spots, invest in a customizable kit that’s packed with powerful ingredients made to rejuvenate those skin cells and help improve the appearance of dark marks. Snag our Supreme Kit and apply just a few drops of the Vitamin-C serum to any problem areas and watch skin brighten over time. Vitamin-C  provides a daily dose of all the antioxidants skin needs to help fade the appearance of dark marks while improving your overall complexion!





-Kenneth R “I tried the 3-step skincare 2 weeks ago and in just that short length of time, this is the end result. Face glowing, skin tone evening out, dark spots fading, and face looking healthy. 😊”



There’s no denying that suncare protection has become the secret weapon for black folks when it comes to helping improve the appearance of dark marks. The truth is that sun damage can actually worsen the appearance of dark marks, especially those that linger post-shave, and can even worsen over time due to the vicious cycle of ingrown hair inflammation. To fight back, go on the offensive and stick to this mantra: never leave your house without applying (sun) protection! Our mineral-based SPF 30 formula is equipped with a zero cast, clear finish, so skin stays more true to you, never ashy or oily. Those stubborn dark marks will take far less time to clear up once you make sunscreen part of your daily routine!






With skin care breakthroughs showing up almost every day, many of us are singing the praises of the latest sub-in for our once tried and true washcloth. If your game plan is to fight back against dark marks and ingrown hairs, it’s time to level up your cleansing routine. Ditching the grime of a washcloth for a cleansing brush powerful enough to cut through debris, exfoliate melanin and rejuvenate skin cells, is the right move! Use in-shower for a quick am cleanse or at night to wash the day away, and watch skin feel smooth and refreshed instantly! Bonus tip! Use pre-shave to loosen up trapped hairs beneath the skin’s surface for a more smooth post-shave feel.




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