Best Face Moisturizer For Black Men

We’d be lying if we told you that the rules of skincare for your face also apply to your entire body. The truth? Chances are you’re always on the hunt for a facial moisturizer to help curb those dark spots, heal ingrown hairs and soften rough patches. Are we right? Why not stick to a moisturizer suited for your skin type to help heal, moisturize, and created just for Black Men!.



If you’ve been team “I don’t need a moisturizer because I have oily skin,” you may be doing more harm than good! When it comes to oily skin in Black Men, finding a balance to keep you on your hydrating game is crucial. Avoid any oil slicks on the face with a moisturizer that’s free from oil and formulated to combat excess oil production while penetrating the skin so you look your best always! Buttah’s Oil-free Gel Cream is one of the best face moisturizers for black men with oily skin.







Have skin that’s just right? Maybe a bit dry in winter, glowing in summer? If “normal to combo skin” type is how you’d classify your melanin, moisturizing with top-shelf products should still be your #1. Black men should always have a game plan so skin is protected from outside elements year-round, and keeping a hydrating yet soothing option within reach is always a good look. Lock in moisture with cocoa and shea-butter-rich cream packed with all the extra good stuff like coconut and avocado oil, PLUS it’s designed with you in mind so skin looks healthy-looking longer. Buttah’s CocoShea Cream is the best face moisturizer for Black men with normal to combination skin.






Ever hear the phrase, “skincare is healthcare?” More often than not, Black Men tend to neglect taking care of the largest organ of their entire body, just like the rest of their overall health. It’s long time we switch things up for the better! The bottom line is this: defending melanin against the onslaught of dryness by replenishing with a simple, yet effective hydrator like Buttah’s non-irritating African Shea Butter is your next best investment. You’ll never feel your best until you look your best—and it starts with stellar ingredients that protect, nourish and keep ashiness at bay!




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