The Best Moisturizer During the Winter?

The Best Moisturizer During the Winter?

The weather outside may have most of us switching up our wardrobe and keeping warm in drier than usual spaces but that doesn’t mean our skin’s natural glow needs to suffer.  With the indoor temps turning some of our melanin to ash, finding a hydrating solution can seem complicated. 

But no matter your skin type —or how low the temps dip—there’s a moisturizer built just for you that can hydrate and protect from those winter elements. Get ready to keep your inner glow year-round with these picks!



Living with skin that’s more on the oily side, even when those temps start to dip?  Feel confident that your skin can still feel hydrated and balanced without reaching for a greasy solution. An ultra-hydrating lightweight gel-based cream that glides on smooth can honestly reveal your best skin yet! We’ve made it official—all-day moisture is finally within reach with ingredients like Grape Seed Extract to help control the appearance of blemishes while DuraQuench™ IQ maintains hydration goals so melanin-rich skin feels refreshed longer—never oily!


Oil-Free Hyaluronic Gel Cream





The healing properties of shea butter are legendary—and for good reason. Packed with anti-inflammatory goodness that naturally soothes and heals,  melanin is bound to look it’s most radiant and moisturized after each use. Bonus points for being weightless and hydrating so you uncover your healthiest complexion, African rich-butters in this pick combined with Hyaluronic Acid, plus Vitamin E help improve texture and tone all while banking you’ll never see a hint of ash all winter long.

 CocoShea Revitalizing Cream





No matter your skin type— melanin is often most vulnerable when it’s dry and in need of moisture. Throw in the long, winter months and you may be reaching for a solution that leads to more irritations. If skin seems stressed by outside elements, don’t be afraid to dial it back and return to skin basics. Buttah’s rich, non-comedogenic facial moisturizer was designed to hydrate and protect from environmental assault—minus the hiccups of fragrances, synthetics, or other irritants that hide your glow! Did we mention that all skin types are welcome?




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