how to reduce dark spots on black skin

How To Reduce Dark Spots + Break Outs

The path to flawless skin is rarely as smooth as we think. Throw in a few dark spots to slow our progress, and chances are you may have given up on reaching for those ultimate skincare goals. The truth? skin tones with melanin are more prone to experience discoloration caused by breakouts, melasma, and other skin irritations; but there is hope.

Ready for skin that’s free from dark spots and breakouts? It’s time to introduce a few game-changing techniques to your daily routine. The first step? Get to know your skin type and needs.


Get A Personalized Routine—Just For You

All skin (especially melanin rich skin tones) is not created equal, so our individual routines should look different, too! Sticking to products that help target and treat your specific skincare concerns is the first step to glowing skin. Have dry skin? There’s a moisturizer that can hydrate, heal and restore skin to its natural dewy glow. Plagued by oily skin? Find the products to help keep things in check with a customized routine built just for you.




Protect + Shield

If you’re looking to reduce and fade the appearance of dark spots on your skin and prevent breakouts long before they start, sunscreen is your new BFF. What we know is that the harmful rays from the sun can worsen the dark spots on our skin and even prolong the healing process. Incorporating an SPF into your daily skincare routine will help to shield and protect skin from the sun as it heals. Reach for a clear formula that vanishes to a matte finish like our mineral-based sunscreen and watch the real you shine through!





Detox + Purify Pores

Adding a detoxifying and dark spot fighting mask formulated to purify pores, remove impurities and prevent clogged pores is your best bet at preventing breakouts. If your skin is prone to monthly hormonal breakouts or even if you’re battling a case of maskne and need a quick fix for a blemish that won't go away, a purifying facial treatment can help balance skin and win the fight against future breakouts. Formulated with Argan Oil and Shea Butter to replenish melanin while deeply penetrating to reveal a healthy-looking glow, Buttah’s Charcoal Mask is gentle to use every day but powerful enough to get you the glowing results your skin craves.






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